by John Mullin, Enlearn CEO

Nothing beats feedback from real classrooms for helping us make sure we get it right for teachers and students, so we’re thrilled to be starting a second round of classroom trials this fall. Incorporating feedback from our Spring 2014 classroom trials, the Enlearn team delivered an updated version of the Enlearn Platform for use on hundreds of tablets in 14 classrooms in five Seattle and Federal Way schools. In mid-September, carts filled with tablets were delivered to each school, and teachers began using the tablets inside their classrooms.

During this ten-week trial, a 6th-grade math curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards is being taught in both the original paper form and a tablet-based version powered by Enlearn’s generative, adaptive platform. The primary goal of the trial is to measure impacts driven by the Enlearn Platform in three areas: teacher effectiveness, student learning, and student engagement.

We hope to build on the momentum gained from the positive results during the spring trial, which included:

  1. The platform’s real-time data enabled teachers to assist individual students three times more frequently than what occurred in the traditional paper-based classrooms.
  2. Students in the Enlearn classroom solved 4.5 times more problems on average, despite the fact that paper classroom students were demonstrably stronger in pre-tests.
  3. Students in the Enlearn classroom had better collective scores on exercise problems (an improvement of 2.5%), and over 75% of the Enlearn classroom had a score over 90% for the five-day period.

We are appreciative of the teachers’ participation in our trials and their willingness to learn new uses for technology in their classrooms. The lengths to which these teachers go to engage their students and seek more effective ways to help them learn is an inspiration to us all. We can’t wait to see how their students react to the new version.

We’ll keep you posted on their progress….