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Enlearn continues to revolutionize education through the generosity of its supporters and collaborators. This support allows Enlearn to continually improve its innovative, research-based education platform. For more information about collaborating with Enlearn, please contact info@enlearn.org.

PBS KIDS® is collaborating with Enlearn to develop new adaptive and personalized learning games for young children, such as the Ready Jet Go! game “Jet’s Bot Builder,” from Wind Dancer Films.

New Profit is a national nonprofit venture philanthropy fund. The organization’s mission is to break down the barriers standing between people and opportunity in America. To do so, New Profit is working to transform the way America educates its children, propels people towards social and financial stability, and creates healthy communities. Since being founded in 1998, New Profit has collaborated with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, foundations, businesses, policy advocates and other entities to help drive more than $1 billion towards innovative, disruptive approaches to social problem solving. New Profit’s unique, integrated approach brings together the following activities: investing through the New Profit Innovation Fund and Focus Funds; changing public policy through America Forward; and building communities of learning and action around innovative new approaches to change through the Gathering of Leaders and other activities.

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Guided by the belief that all lives have equal value, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation works to reduce inequity across the globe. We’re impatient optimists committed to helping create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. This is a big ambition that we tackle in four different ways: to empower the poorest in society so they can transform their lives; to ensure that more children and young people survive and thrive, to combat infectious diseases, particularly those which affect the poor and to inspire people to take action to change the world.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the foundation is led by CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann and co-chair William H. Gates Sr., under the direction of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. 

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Voyager Sopris Learning joined forces with Enlearn to develop a fundamentally different adaptive engine from the ground up, pairing Enlearn’s deep computer science expertise and research-based recommendation engine with Voyager Sopris Learning’s unsurpassed understanding of curriculum development and effective learning pedagogy. The result of their collaboration is Velocity — a revolutionary K-5 digital ELA learning solution.

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Enlearn collaborated with EkStep to improve numeracy for millions of children in India, with a particular focus on first-generation learners.  In response to the lack of access to learning opportunities which impact the lives of millions of children in India on a daily basis, Nandan Nilekani, Rohini Nilekani and Shankar Maruwada co-founded EkStep, a not-for-profit initiative to gather partners on a universal, collaborative platform to reimagine learning opportunities for every child.

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“We believe Enlearn would be a strong contributor to the New Profit Innovation Fund. Enlearn’s technology is beginning to demonstrate evidence and ability to improve how students learn and progress and how teachers teach in different and impressive ways.”
David Levy

Senior Advisor to New Profit and Board Member of Enlearn, New Profit

“Velocity helps unlock the potential of students and teachers alike and fundamentally changes the classroom ecosystem. By facilitating precisely the kinds of one-on-one interactions that great teachers have always sought to deliver, Velocity extends the teacher’s presence in the classroom and allows all students to have access to the most effective teaching.”
Jeffrey A. Elliott

President, Voyager Sopris Learning

“We’re working hard to build an ecosystem of educational content and tools from multiple partners to support personalized learning in numeracy and literacy, and Enlearn definitely stood out and was the clear choice for true personalization. Learning gaps can affect student performances, especially primary level students from disadvantaged backgrounds. And, if left unaddressed, this can affect a child’s confidence and continued engagement in the education process. Partnering with Enlearn is going to go a long way toward tackling this critical issue.”
Shankar Maruwada

CEO and Co-founder, EkStep

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