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Optimizing The Learning Ecosystem At Scale

By Zoran Popović, Enlearn Founder & Chief Scientist-- Technology enhanced learning has delivered successful “pockets of advancement” in schools, but there has been very little success at scale that has made a profound difference. So we need to ask ourselves what...

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Q and A With Our Ada Intern, Amy Hunter

As an educational start-up, we know that the more diverse our teams are, the better our product will be. We also know that there are too few women developers applying for jobs in Seattle. Our mission states that “We all have the opportunity to learn to our potential.”...

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Technology Can Help Support Major Educational Change

Let’s start with a simple fact. Our schools and school districts were designed more than 100 years ago. My kids’ schools look almost exactly like the ones my great grandmother’s schools looked like, except they’re bigger and more impersonal. They’re outdated, and...

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