“There are far too many kids in the world who are wonderfully plastic, adaptive and brilliant…and they don’t even know it. And it’s our responsibility and our opportunity to open those doors for them.“

–Zoran Popović, Enlearn Founder

What is Enlearn?

Enlearn® is a non-profit organization that after years of research has developed a new generation of personalized learning platform based on the knowledge that learning is contextual and shaped by complex interactions between a student, teacher, curriculum, peers, and family.

In order to truly personalize learning, particularly for struggling students, Enlearn continuously optimizes how these components work together for the benefit of each learner. It’s not just adaptive content, it’s an adaptive learning ecosystem.

How is Enlearn different?

Amplify your content

Enlearn goes far beyond “reshuffling” academic content. We can increase content 10-100X.

Personalize for the student, teacher, and classroom

Learning is contextual, so personalizing for students alone is not enough. Enlearn extends personalization to include the the teacher, curriculum, and the classroom setting.

Diagnose, discover, remediate

By following students’ thinking processes, Enlearn is able to rapidly and precisely diagnose underlying misconceptions and identify optimal interventions to overcome learning obstacles.

Our platform

The Enlearn platform was designed and developed based on 10 years of research in learning science, educational technology, machine learning, and knowledge representation.

English Language Arts

Voyager Sopris Learning joined forces with Enlearn to develop a  revolutionary K-5 digital ELA learning solution.


Enlearn is working with EkStep to improve numeracy for millions of children in India over the next five years, with a particular focus on first-generation learners. 

Support for our Work

“Anyone who thinks they can develop a personalized learning platform themselves is not being realistic. Had we tried to do this on our own, we would have built a branching engine just like everyone else. Enlearn is something different and special. We’re taking the best of what we’re doing and the best of what Enlearn is doing – and we believe we will have the most revolutionary solution on the market.”

— Polly Stansell, SVP Strategy and Product Development, Voyager Sopris Learning