First ELA platform to optimize teaching, learning, and content for the entire classroom ecosystem

Today, Voyager Sopris announced the launch of Velocity, the first English Language Arts (ELA) adaptive online curriculum, powered by the Enlearn educational platform. Enlearn and Voyager Sopris Learning, proud partners since 2014, collaborated to move beyond the cursory, branching technology used by competitors to offer a truly adaptive platform for ELA. While many solutions have entered the adaptive arena in math, Enlearn and Voyager Sopris Learning are the first to tackle this difficult task of literacy learning adaptation from the ground up. Velocity is the result.

“Anyone who thinks they can develop a personalized learning platform themselves is not being realistic. Had we tried to do this on our own, we would have built a branching engine just like everyone else. Enlearn is something different and special. We’re taking the best of what we’re doing and the best of what Enlearn is doing – and we believe we will have the most revolutionary solution on the market.”  ~Polly Stansell, SVP Strategy and Product Development, Voyager Sopris Learning

The Enlearn education platform differentiates itself by continuously monitoring each student’s understanding of countless subtle learning concepts and adapting with the entire classroom ecosystem.  Rather than moving forward as other engines do in a branching model with siloed content, the engine uses a specific type of machine learning to curate and generate new problems and personal learning pathways for each and every student. The platform can even create pathways never before traveled by another learner.

Enlearn and Voyager succeed with Velocity by putting the teacher at the center of the learning experience with data that empowers, rather than replaces human interaction and capability.  With Velocity, a teacher knows, in real time, best next steps to take, which children could be pulled to a small group lesson for maximum effect, or even which student could use encouragement in order to increase engagement or reduce frustration. These examples, in addition to countless other supports, give the teacher tools to guide the rich and changing landscape in which they are tasked with reaching all students: their classroom.

Enlearn’s engine is curriculum agnostic, making it an option for ELA content and assessment providers looking to optimize content infinitely and offer a curriculum that truly reaches every student and improves the entire classroom learning ecosystem.

Read Velocity press release here.