Publishers have shared with us the challenges of truly adaptive learning. We’ve built our platform around addressing them.

  1. Too much lag time between revisions. The current publishing cycle requires too much time between revisions, which means lost time for students, districts, and teachers. Curriculum publishers, like teachers, need to be quick and nimble in addressing challenges. They can’t wait a year to address curriculum holes or weak spots.  Publishers must have immediate insights that allow them to optimize their curriculum right away.
  2. Having limited content. Writing content and producing problems is expensive, and often simply results in a digitized version of a textbook, with finite chapters and problems that are shuffled around. Students who need more practice or a different problem type entirely are out of luck. A truly adaptive platform creates and curates new content immediately, based on an individual learner’s needs, for as long as he or she needs to progress in any area of study.
  3. Failure to identify bottlenecks, then fix them fast. Shortcomings in the structure and effectiveness of a curriculum stop students from progressing. If there is something lacking, students should not have to pay for that with time loss and frustration gains. Removing these weaknesses as soon as they are identified must be the goal of any curriculum publisher.
  4. Slow diagnosis of learning obstacles. Teachers need immediate interventions for key student misconceptions before they take hold. Feedback delivered late can mean that a student has already assimilated misperceptions mentally. Real time data is a teacher’s best tool and needs to be leveraged from students, classrooms, and districts.
  5. Having one-size-fits-all content. Most content created aims to address common learning styles and environments. It fails students who fall outside the norm, from special education to advanced learners. Students need content that is tailored to adapt to individual student needs every step of the way.
  6. Ignoring the learning environment. Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Current personalized learning platforms just focus on a student and one curriculum. Class size, groupings, time of day, teacher needs, and student engagement are completely ignored. When all elements of the learning ecosystem are adapted in one platform, everyone is properly supported right away.

Enlearn is the only choice for curriculum publishers who want to deliver a truly adaptive learning platform that meets the needs of today’s students. Real personalization, real data, in real time. Because learning can’t wait.