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We’re proud to be powering Velocity, the revolutionary K-5 Digital Learning Solution for ELA from Voyager Sopris Learning.

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The challenge is how to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to deliver a truly personalized experience that adapts to the learning needs of each and every student. And then to know if that learning experience is producing the results you’re hoping for.

Integrate your curriculum with the Enlearn platform to deliver learning that is personalized to the needs of every student and get implementation feedback in real time.

“Anyone who thinks they can develop a personalized learning platform themselves is not being realistic. Had we tried to do this on our own, we would have built a branching engine just like everyone else. Enlearn is something different and special. We’re taking the best of what we’re doing and the best of what Enlearn is doing – and we believe we will have the most revolutionary solution on the market.”

— Polly Stansell, SVP Strategy and Product Development, Voyager Sopris Learning


Dramatically reduce content production costs by delivering a virtually unlimited, personalized curriculum that is continuously created for and adapted to the individual student.


Diagnose key learning obstacles and misconceptions in real time to deliver content that is nimble, reactive and responsive to the needs of each individual student.


Review real-time classroom data to discover how your curriculum is being delivered and adopted by each teacher, school and school district.

The US education system has not changed significantly in over 100 years but the world has. – STEAM

How Our Platform Propels Your Content

We understand that getting the most out of content investments is a key goal for curriculum developers. That is why you can dramatically increase the ways your content can be used within the Enlearn platform.

Virtually any piece of content can be used to teach students multiple skills and the platform determines which skills and content is most relevant for each student in the moment.

With built-in supportive scaffolding, content that was initially developed for one grade can easily be reused across multiple grade levels.



Teachers receive data-driven recommendations that empower them to make changes to improve learning in the moment. These include alerts to identify a struggling student or suggestions for how to group students who are having difficulties with the same concept.

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