Enlearn's Mission

Our mission is to radically improve education for every student by continuously adapting the entire learning ecosystem.

At Enlearn, we have developed a groundbreaking learning platform that allows publishers, school districts, and teachers to work together to deliver personalized learning while using classroom data to make content and learning more effective. Enlearn diagnoses key learning obstacles and misconceptions in real-time to deliver the right problem with the right support at the right time, personalized to the student’s learning DNA.

Who Are We?

We are a team of problem-solving engineers and educators who imagine a world in which we all have the opportunity to learn to our full potential.

Our people are passionate about data, customers, and big challenges. We ask ourselves daily: How can we make this better for student learning? Most importantly, we are driven to find solutions that improve learning outcomes in real classrooms, with real teachers, and real students.

There is an urgency to our work. We are committed to our vision and mission and to the future of all students.


Why Are We Doing This?

“There are way too many kids our there in the world that are wonderfully plastic and adaptive and brilliant…and they don’t even know it. And it’s our responsibility and our opportunity to open those doors for them.“  –Zoran Popovic


Enlearn was founded by Zoran Popovic to maximize the impact of his research at the University of Washington where he conducts large-scale educational studies related to student engagement and discovery.

The Enlearn Platform adapts to the student AND to the entire learning ecosystem.

Enlearn is the engine that sits behind a curriculum or assessment provider’s content, making it infinitely adaptive to meet the needs of all users.
Enlearn supports teachers and students in real-time, does NOT waste students’ time, and curates or generates content that is specific to each user.
Finally, teachers can reach every student as they have always wanted…with precision, and at just the right time.

Our Core Values


We have an unwavering determination to make a deep and meaningful impact and to persist even when the challenges we face seem insurmountable.


Despite what we may think at times, none of us can do it by ourselves.  We value collaboration and teamwork to improve our lives and the lives of those we serve.  We believe having people with diverse ideas and varied experiences and backgrounds makes for better products, a better workplace, and a better company.


Time matters — kids only get one shot at 4th grade and we need to make it count. Every school year that passes without providing each student with the best education possible is a missed opportunity with the potential for irreversible effects on kids’ lives.


We strive to do the right thing, and to be transparent in our decisions, actions, and outcomes with our colleagues, customers, and the students and teachers we serve.


We don’t know all of the answers, but we’re curious and determined to keep looking.  We continuously strive to improve, and in that effort we make decisions based on evidence whenever possible, not opinion or ideology.


When you enjoy coming to work, you’re more productive. When you’re more productive, we enjoy you coming to work! 🙂  We set others up for success and enjoy celebrating with each other … especially when there’s cake.